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Pay your membership online with Paypal

UK Members £10

Pay your membership online with Paypal

Non-UK Members £15

New Members

We are always looking for new members so please recommend us to your ‘sedation’ colleagues (dentists, nurses and medical colleagues too). To apply for membership, we would prefer that you register and subscribe online via Paypal.

Paying membership subscriptions by Paypal

If you pay your subscription by Paypal please Subscribe using the link above. Complete the membership contact details form and email to the membership secretary stating on it that you have paid by Paypal. Once the Paypal payment has been registered the membership secretary will then enter your details onto the membership database.

Paying membership subscriptions by standing order

If you do not wish to pay by Paypal the alternative is to set up a standing order. For this, complete a membership application form and also complete the relevant sections (yellow highlighted boxes) on the standing order form and post both to the membership secretary. Once received the membership secretary will process the application and forward to your bank for payment.


Subscriptions should be paid by standing order or internet payment. Overseas members may make payment to DSTG account in their own countries currency using the SWIFT system via internet banking. DSTG has SWIFT/BIC codes/IBAN numbers for overseas members that requires this facility.

2010 member subscription fees

UK members £10

Non-UK members £15

Membership benefits

The £10 (UK members) or £15 (overseas members) yearly subscription fee covers a number of areas:

1. Printed newsletters as they are published by the executive or ad-hoc committees of DSTG. These give you information on what is happening in sedation in dentistry regarding legislation, changes in protocols and new guidance first hand, along with general news and updates.

2. The ‘member rate’ for the annual conference which is usually £25 cheaper than the non-member rate. The DSTG annual conference is one of the cheapest conferences in the UK to delegates and gives you full CPD points. Dates and venues are put on the web site and published in the newsletter.

3. Web site development and use. We are currently developing a member’s forum on the web site which will only be accessible by members via their membership number

4. Voting rights at the AGM which allows members to affect the business of the society and its direction.

5. Ability to apply for committee and executive positions. For those that want to become active in sedation development on a wider scale. DSTG members have sat on every major review body, curriculum development and guideline development committee for the past 20 years – for both dentists and nurses. We are currently represented on the Joint RCS ‘advanced sedation’ review committee. DSTG publications that have arisen from these groups have become gold standard documents on sedation training, commissioning, practice and evaluation.

6. Access to mentoring for sedation practitioners. We run a mentoring list in combination with SAAD where members can get advice and assistance with sedation cases in their area.

7. General access to advice from other members via executive committee members – either via the DSTG publications or via network links to other members and associated societies. We have helped answer members questions on everything from drug protocols & interactions to equipment use, training, examinations and teaching curricula to name a few.

8. Membership of DSTG gives you society membership of IFDAS as DSTG is a corporate member.

9. And finally DSTG was set up as a lobby body for all those interested in sedation in dentistry. GA in primary care has gone but DSTG continually strives to maintain the value of sedation and promotes gold-standard dental sedation practice in relation to the wider medical field.

As a member you add weight to the society which keeps us at the forefront of sedation care in the profession. DSTG and SAAD are the 2 largest specialist societies for dental sedation practitioners in the country – to keep sedation in the profession we must stay as a united group.

Existing members

If your details change please contact the membership secretary either by email on ruby.bostock@btinternet.com or by completing and mailing the membership update form.  Every member now has a unique identifying membership number. If you do not know your number please email the membership secretary.

An up-to-date email database is to be built so we can have an electronic circulation list for the whole membership. To join the list send an email containing your full name and GDC/GMC number. Mick will reply with your membership number and add you to the email circulation list.

Cheques are slowly disappearing from the banking system and a number of banks are considering withdrawing them altogether on selected accounts. The committee have agreed to move all new-membership subscriptions over to standing orders (SO) from now but older cheque payment membership subscriptions will need to move to SO or internet SWIFT payments in 2011. Cheque payments will be phased out over the next 12 months.

In 2011, DSTG will contact all members that currently pay by cheque to change over to SO or internet payments as their subscriptions become due. Standing order subscription payments will remain at £10 per year (the cheapest society membership in dentistry!!). The committee have also agreed that UK sterling cheque subscriptions will increase to the overseas rate of £15 per year from 2011.

Please email Sin Yong on Info@dstg.co.uk if you require your username and password or any further information on how to access the Forum section of the website.

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