DSTG Symposium Update – Change of Venue

Due to an over run of building work the room for the DSTG Symposium has been changed. It is now ‘The Clubhouse Suite’, level 4, access via Gate 7 NOT Gate 4.

Gate 7 is at the southwest corner of the stadium adjacent to Wood street bridge.

The Millennium Stadium, for those unfortunate enough not to have enjoyed Wales playing rugby, is VERY near Cardiff Central Station and is right in the City Centre. Come out of the station, cross the concourse onto Wood St, cross to the far side of the road, turn left and walk towards the bridge.

Gate 7 is on the right by riverside walk.

There will be students wearing white long-sleeve teeshirts to act as guides. Do not tip them, they will only waste it on drink.

There is no parking at the stadium but plenty of NCP car parks which are expensive. Cardiff East Park and Ride is signposted off the A48M and is £3.00 for the day and is very good. There is also Cardiff West Park and Ride which is sign posted off the A4232 (from junction 33 of M4).

We hope you arrive safely and look forward to welcoming you to our City.

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